The Salisbury 5 BioEthanol stove including it’s realistic ceramic log set is perfect if you want a real flame and heat but can’t or don’t want a chimney/flue system. As it’s a fully organic biofuel fuel source with a clean burn there’s no noxious gases so there’s no need for any chimney, (you will require ventilation however).

Bioethanol is a unique green fuel option derived from biological sources, predominantly plant materials. As it originates from renewable resources, it presents a sustainable heating solution with a lesser environmental impact than fossil fuels. When burned, bioethanol undergoes a clean combustion process, emitting only water vapour and carbon dioxide, thus reducing the pollutants that contribute to air quality issues.

Note: This is a battery operated version that was a display model which can be used without a mains power socket nearby but will require recharging; additional battery packs available at a cost upon request.


The Salisbury Bioethanol stove sets a new level for the performance and use of Ethanol with state of the art technology in terms of safety, functionality and efficiency . Unique features include a patented combustion process that allows a burn time of 11 ½ hours without the need to re-fuel and approval for installation in rooms much smaller than those required for competing ethanol products.

A bioethanol stove is a heating appliance that utilises bioethanol as its primary fuel source. Bioethanol, a renewable liquid fuel, is derived from the fermentation of organic plant materials, such as corn, sugarcane, or beets. The main advantage of these stoves is their ability to provide warmth and ambience without the need for traditional venting systems like chimneys or flues. They offer a clean and efficient burn, producing a real flame without releasing smoke or harmful toxins commonly associated with other fuel types.


The Salisbury Bioethanol Stove Boasts The Following Features:

• Beautiful living flame fire 

• No chimney or flue required

• Fully remote controlled 

• 100% energy efficient 

• Automatic ignition

• A heat output of up to 3.5kw 

• Pump operated automatic re-fuelling system 

• Odourless in operation
(unlike other ethanol burners)

Product Specifications:
  • GROSS OUTPUT on High 3.5kW
  • Ethanol Consumption on High 0.45 Litres per hour
  • GROSS OUTPUT on Low 2.5kW
  • Ethanol Consumption on Low 0.3 Litres per hour
  • Fuel Tank Volume Capacity 3.5 Litres

Instruction Manual, (note this manual is for the mains operated version, model on offer is battery powered):

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