Big Green Egg

The ‘Big Green Egg’ story began in 1974, when Big Green Egg’s American founder Ed Fisher started importing and selling Japanese kamado grills in his showroom in Atlanta, Georgia.

When Ed began using one of these grills to cook chicken wings at the front of the store, their flavour proved such a revelation to the barbecue-loving folks of the Deep South that he gave up on his core business selling arcade machines and focused solely on the kamado business. Soon he became frustrated by the complexity of importing as well as the lack of control he had over the design of the products, so decided to build a barbecue of his own. Big Green Egg was born.

Kingsworthy Foundry have many years experience with cooking in kamado ceramics and are proud to be a Big Green Egg dealer, please come in and see us for a live demonstration or to discuss the perfect cooking set-up for you.

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