These are the arms of Charles 1 who reigned from 1635 until his execution in 1649.


The heraldic description is: Quarterly 1st and 4th Royal Arms of England, 2nd Royal Arms of Scotland and 3rd the Harp of Ireland.  Around the shield is the Garter with its motto ‘Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense’ which translated means ‘Evil be to he who evil thins’.  Above the whole is a crown and the supporters are a lion rampant gardant, crowned and a unicorn rampant, collared and chained.  Rampant means that the animal is standing on his hind legs and gardant means he is looking at you.

Beneath the whole is the King’s motto ‘Dieu et Mon Droit’ which means ‘God and My Right’

Additional information:

Size (W x H): 23.5″ x 20″

Weight: 35kg


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