Open Fires Overview

Kingsworthy Foundry is perhaps best known for it ’s large range of open fireplace equipment and accessories.

From the smallest victorian opening to the largest inglenook, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and with most items available from stock we promise the best before, during and after sales service! Most of our cast iron firebacks are copies of authentic originals, some of which date back to the sixteenth century – and are ideal for those wishing to maintain the historical charm of their home. Sizes range from 16” wide right up to the ‘Royal Oak’ at 42” wide which we believe to be the largest of it’s type available in the country! Our firebaskets are available in a range of sizes to compliment the firebacks. Cast in iron – they are ideal for burning logs. We also hold a selection of handmade wrought iron baskets with replaceable cast iron grids making them suitable for logs and coal. We also have a wide selection of firedogs to help complete your perfect open fire. We mean it when we say we have every type of fire tool, companion set, log basket and fire screen available from stock. Sizes: As most items are handmade, sizes can vary If size is critical, please check. Colours: All items are painted black unless otherwise stated. DID YOU KNOW? Firebacks and firedogs were first made in the early 16th Century, initially as a sideline of the foundries which were engaged in casting cannons. They came into general use when it became the norm to place the fire against a wall instead of in the middle of the room. It was necessary to protect the wall from the heat and it was discovered that a fireback reflected the heat into the room instead of absorbing it as the brick and stone did. Firedogs were originally designed for log burning. They had a horizontal bar, a foot at one end and a pillar at the other end to support the logs and prevent them from rolling off. Some had hooks on the front to hold a spit, while others incorporated cup-holders to warm drink such as mulled wine. From the 16th century, firedogs became more and more decorative with rings, figures and family shields. Accessories for fireplaces have been introduced over time, moving from a logburning fire which tended itself and was burnt to the floor, to coal which needed more tending. Fenders were introduced, more tools and then baskets, as coal burns better with air circulating around it. Kingsworthy Foundry offer a choice of firebacks, grates, screens, companion sets and accessories from one source, with many exclusive designs included.

Thanks Kingsworthy Foundry for a great experience testing the Fuego wood fired oven yesterday. Your staff were really helpful and friendly and your shop is a real Aladdin's cave of wonderful products.


Thank you for your friendly service and for helping us make one of the best decisions we have ever made.


Massive thank you... We had a 3 man team to deliver a large fireback. Spent a good hour on site making sure no flooring or anything else was damaged.


Really nice guys and they genuinely cared about making sure nothing got damaged and weren't going to rush it despite being late in the day. Both the fireback and the service to go with it was worth every penny.


As always, terrific service from the Kingsworthy Foundry team, with the additional touches that makes dealing with you a cut above anyone else.


Thank you for your excellent advice and we would certainly recommend yourselves for a complete stove solution.


Such a great shop for all things for the wood burner. They can guide you through the choices and are not about the most expensive but what will work for you. And their after service is excellent too.


I found the service and knowledge fantastic and it was a pleasure buying my first ever woodburner. I could not recommend the Foundry more and will be returning to buy more.


The service, support and quality at Kingsworthy Foundry is just exceptional. I have used them for a number of years and had reason to visit for support twice in the last week - nothing short of brilliant.


I found this place on Google, and it really is an Aladdins Cave. They have so much stock and had exactly what I wanted. Mentally, I've spent about 6 months salary!
I'd definitely recommend this to anyone.


Very knowledgable staff and extremely helpful from our first visit to their showroom through to lighting our first fire in our wood burner. Would highly recommend.


Very professional service throughout, showroom staff were all polite and helpful, the fitters were very efficient and left no mess whatsoever, we were very impressed.


Really excellent, if we ever do this again I think we'd definitely go for Kingsworthy Foundry. Do note though it seems the on-site installation team are powered by chocolate biscuits, so make sure you have enough in the cupboard and KitKats if they have to work on Saturdays.


The level of service when I was looking to buy was excellent and the staff’s knowledge was second to none.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Can't find what you're looking for?