Forge Your Culinary Legacy with the Big Green Egg and Kingsworthy Foundry!

The Big Green Eggignites a passion for outdoor cooking unlike any other. This isn’t your average, fleeting barbecue; it’s a heirloom-quality companion, crafted with the same meticulous precision and enduring materials that have defined Kingsworthy Foundry since 1945.

Forged from the same heat-resistant ceramics trusted by NASA, the EGG isn’t just built to last, it’s built to impress. Forget fleeting trends and flimsy grills – the EGG transcends them all, offering unmatched heat retention, temperature control, and versatility.

At Kingsworthy Foundry, we believe in quality that endures, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. The EGG and its carefully curated accessories are built to weather the seasons, aligningperfectly with our values. Think of it as an investment, not just in delicious meals, but in a sustainable future.

This isn’t just a grill, it’s an orchestra of flavours.

From searing steaks to smoking succulent ribs, the EGG effortlessly shifts between roles, becoming a versatile ally for both novice and seasoned chefs. Its user-friendly interface invites exploration, empowering you to unlock your inner culinary maestro.

Let the seasons roll by, the EGG embraces them all. With its trusty cover, it becomes a year-round companion, defying the elements and freeing you from the tyranny of weather. Rain or shine, the EGG caters to your culinary whims, offering diverse cooking methods that keep the feast going, rain or shine.

Simplicity is at the heart of the EGG philosophy. It enhances the natural flavours of your ingredients, urging you to appreciate their quality and origin. Charcoal and wood chips become not just fuel, but partners in creating culinary masterpieces.

The EGG isn’t just a grill, it’s a lifestyle.

It fosters outdoor gatherings, laughter, and shared enjoyment, all centered around the joy of food and community. And for those who crave adventure, the MiniMax EGG extends this experience beyond the backyard, becoming your portable culinary companion.

Join the vibrant EGG community, a network of passionate cooks connected by our shared love for fire and flavour. Through events, workshops, and our dedicated team, we foster a spirit of connection and inspire culinary exploration. Whether you’re a home cook or a seasoned professional chef, the EGG community welcomes you with open arms, ready to share tips, recipes, and the camaraderie of shared passion.

Watch this space to discover the Big Green Egg – more than just a grill, it’s a legacy in the making. Let us help you forge your own culinary journey, one delicious bite at a time.