The ultimate blanket for every situation, the YETI Lowlands™ Blanket is equal parts tarp, ground cover and waterproof dog blanket. From the super-soft, insulated top layer right down to a waterproof utility layer, everything about this incredible, everyday blanket was meticulously over-engineered in true YETI® fashion.


The ultimate dog blanket, YETI Lowlands blankets are designed to repel dirt, burrs and pet hair making them the perfect option for car boots and back seats. When they get dirty – and they will – they’re fully machine washable, so give them a clean, put the kettle on then get back out there.

Shop our YETI blankets in Fireside Red and Smoke Blue.


  • Dimensions: 198.1 cm x 139.7 cm


DoubleDuty™ Comfort – Durable and waterproof on the outside, padded and insulated on the inside.
HydroBarrier™ – The waterproof layer is immune to wet ground of any kind.
Machine Wash & Dry – Throw it in with other like laundry. End of story.
Pet Protected – Supremely soft and easily shakes off pet hair.