If you don’t want it wet, muddy, or lost, it goes in here.

  • Dustproof, waterproof, and virtually indestructible
  • Removable cargo tray, pack-and-stack design
  • Perfect to use as a safety kit or electronics vault



  • Outside: 26.9 x 37.3 x 28.6 CM
  • Empty weight:  3.4kg


Defender Material – We can’t legally say it’s unbreakable – but this cargo box can withstand serious impact, even in the most extreme conditions.
Wildproof™ Design – Waterproof and dustproof to keep gear inside protected from unwanted wilderness.
100% Waterproof – Gasket, latches, and vent work together to ensure the gear inside stays dry.
Stackable – Nesting design and non-slip feet keep your setup high and tight.

Charcoal, King Crab Orange