Get your own family fireplace and gather around it to relax and grill. The classic VULCANUS Pro910 model (grilling surface 910 x 910 mm), sitting on its low base, is ideal for such occasions. It’s also perfect to take to the park and other public areas, such as public camping grounds.


Why buy a Vulcanus grill?

Vulcanus grills have a unique design protected by a patent. The body of the grills is made of weathering COR-TEN steel, which has a long service life and can withstand any outdoor conditions. It is also lined with an accumulation ceramic core for better circulation of hot air, thermal stability and reduced wood consumption. So, if you live in colder areas or grill all year round, this is the right choice.

Thanks to its square shape, the grill has up to ⅓ more grill surface area than conventional round grills. The two heat zones also allow you to grill meat, cheese or vegetables at the same time.

The low base with a small wood tray is perfect for relaxing barbecues and sitting around the fire.

The grill includes:

  • ceramic accumulation core
  • plate 10 mm or 12 mm thick (Pro730 or Pro910) EU certified for food contact
  • grease drain system for healthier grilling without carcinogens
  • easy ash dumping system at the bottom of the grill


What wood can I burn in a Vulcanus grill?

You can practically use any type of hardwood, provided it has a residual moisture level of less than 20%. Wood should therefore be sufficiently dried out. Green wood releases smoke and tar when burnt, thereby making the grill smokier and reducing its thermal performance. We recommend using technically dried logs cut into 33 cm lengths, which you can buy from any DIY or garden superstore. Charcoal can also be used.


Table of parameters

Catalogue number 100040
Range Pro910
Series Camp
EAN 8594189120304
Weight 142 kg
Product dimensions 910 x 560 x 910 mm
Grill surface dimensions 905 x 905 mm
Country of origin Czech Republic
Guarantee period 5 years
Material Italy Cor-Ten steel (Body) and Boiler steel (Plate)
Surface treatment Patina, Oil