Why the Hanging Poultry Grill Basket is ideal for an authentic campfire cooking adventure:

  • Exceptionally juicy results and a unique aroma over an open fire
  • Even cooking thanks to the swivel and hooks on each link rod
  • Secure the chicken quickly between the two connected halves
  • Easy to regulate the temperature using the link chain
  • Durable and impervious material


The Petromax Hanging Poultry Grill Basket turns your barbecue adventure into an original experience with extra aroma and an incomparable tinge of smokiness. It can be used to easily cook chicken, poulards, legs of lamb or other meat specialities to crispy perfection. The contents are held firmly in the two halves of the basket for cooking directly over an open fire. The swivel helps ensure an even cooking result. A link chain from which the Grill Basket can be hung provides almost continuous temperature regulation. With a total of 8 loops for hanging you will enjoy 360° browning. Cooking country-style roast chicken using flame power will become an unforgettable experience and a great success: The skin will be crispy all over and the meat exceptionally tender and aromatic.
The principle of the Hanging Poultry Grill Basket is one of slow cooking where food is subject to a constant temperature for a longer time for a gentler cooking process. The sturdy stainless steel basket revives the original instinct for cooking naturally over blazing flames

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