Packed and carried along: The compact tent oven and camping stove Loki can be packed in this bag. Other accessories can be attached on the top of the bag thanks to two clip fasteners.

Upholstered for first-class stability
The transport bag is made of high-quality Ripstop fabric. It is thus particularly robust and tear-proof. Its inside is upholstered, so that nothing can wobble or slip. Both the handles and the removable length-adjustable shoulder strap are separately reinforced and ensure nice wearing comfort.


Extra storage capacity for accessories in the cover
In the bag cover there is a spacious zip pouch: accessories or small pieces such as Petromax Fire kit or the ash catcher can be packed here. The bag proves itself to be made for the Loki, for its cover takes on the shape of the flue. Moreover the bag is embroidered with the Petromax logo, which has always stood for excellent quality.

Dimensions 35 × 55 × 30 cm

1-3, 4 – 8, 8 -14, 14-20

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