• Smolder coal yourself
  • Utilization of self-cut wood with smoke aroma
  • Long burning time and high temperatures
  • 10 liter capacity for logs and branches
  • Low smoke emission


This makes the charcoal smolder in your campfire and yourself a charcoal burner:

  •  Making charcoal: charcoal smoldering yourself
  •  Utilization of self-cut wood with smoke aroma
  •  good charcoal with individual touch: long burning time, suitable for generating high temperatures
  •  Charcoal for outdoor cooking: 10 liters capacity for logs and branches
  •  low smoke development: can be used in campfires and on barbecues and fire bowls

Make charcoal yourself: Stainless steel charcoal smoker to make your own charcoal
With the Petromax charcoal smolder you become a charcoal maker: the ancient tradition of making charcoal in a pile now gets a modern design from Petromax. In the charcoal burner made of stainless steel you can make your own charcoal for the campfire kitchen. You don’t need a charcoal kiln for this, but the way it works is the same: low-oxygen combustion, also called pyrolysis. You can start making your own barbecue charcoal while cooking a dish in your fire pot over the campfire, because the charcoal smoker is placed directly in the fire.

Make your own charcoal and use your own wood
You fill the container with wood you cut yourself, such as fruit logs, birch or beech wood from your garden – the best possible use for old trees that are no longer bearing weight! Your resulting hardwood charcoal has the property that it has a long glowing phase, produces little smoke and burns at high temperatures. That’s why it’s ideal for running your Atago, for example. The charcoal gives your dishes the typical smoky flavor, while you have full control over the origin of the wood and the quality of the barbecue charcoal. This is not only sustainable, but also very flexible: by choosing the wood, you can later determine your very own smoke flavor. For charcoaling, you can use both logs and twigs, so you can thus make the most of your wood.

Make your own charcoal: Instructions
You use the cover box to seal the charcoal smoker airtight and you can then observe the charring progress within a few hours with yellow smoke and white smoke towards the end. You would see exactly the same thing in a real charcoal kiln. Then take the charcoal burner out of the fire and let it cool overnight. The next morning you have coal that has a long burning time. Simply clean the inside of the charcoal burner with a mild detergent, water and a cloth.

Self-made charcoal for optimal barbecue experience
Your individually made charcoal completes the outdoor barbecue experience: Not only do you cook vegetable and meat dishes in the fire pot, sizzle steaks in the wrought iron pan, but you also have your self-made charcoal, a result you can be justifiably proud of. Petromax combines a traditional technique with a pyrolytic box made of high quality stainless steel, conceived in the think tank of the Dragon Workshop. Thanks to the coal smelter, you yourself become a charcoal burner in the wild.


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