The sturdy, fit-for-adventure Atago: grill, oven, stove and fire bowl. Numerous cooking methods and always preparing food are just waiting to be discovered and tested. Charcoal, briquettes and firewood can be used to light the Atago.


The Atago can be used as a first-class oven or stove when the cast-iron Dutch Oven (ft1-t, ft3-t, ft4.5-t, ft6-t or ft9-t) stands on the charcoal grate with glowing briquettes. The temperature can be regulated by means of an air supply lever on the Atago. The Petromax Atago comes with a grilling grate, that transforms it into a conventional barbecue or allows it to be used with wrought-iron pan. Without the grate, the Atago serves as a fire bowl for a pleasant evening around a campfire or can be used for making fresh coffee or tea with the Petromax Percolator.

Thanks to its unique folding mechanism, the Atago is ready for use in no time and can be folded just as quickly. With a height of only 14cm, the all-rounder is easy to store. Thanks to its three legs, it is perfectly steady and does not leave burnt spots on the ground below.

Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 28 cm

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