This is why the Petromax Cooking Support for the Atago Griddle Plate is a stable place for cookware during grilling:

  • Position pot, pan or percolator on the Atago with direct contact to the fire
  • prepare sauces, soups, pan dishes or coffee on the Cooking Support while grilling
  • your food stays safely on the Griddle Plate thanks to the raised inner edge
  • exact fit for the opening in the Atago Griddle Plate and optimally expandable with the Petromax Insert for Atago Griddle Plate, all three products are made in Germany
  • easy restocking of charcoal and firewood


The Petromax Cooking Support for the Atago Griddle Plate is your flexible addition for grilling a la plancha: The Cooking Support fits exactly into the opening of your Griddle Plate and ensures that the food remains safely on the plate. In addition, the support enables direct flame contact to prepare sauces, soups, pan dishes or coffee while your fortifying meal sizzles on the Atago Griddle Plate. With a small Dutch Oven, or Saucepan, you can prepare a barbecue sauce, a savoury starter soup or a spicy side dish. To finish your meal, you can make aromatic coffee with the percolator or wild herbal tea with the small Teakettle.
Even with the Cooking Support in place, you can simply add charcoal and wood through cut-out of the Atago Griddle Plate. The support for the Atago Griddle Plate is made in Germany and is characterised by its high quality.
Combine it with the Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate, so that even the smallest cooking equipment stands securely or that the mini grilling grate creates the typical grill stripes on your food.

Dimensions 10.8 × 10.8 × 2.5 cm

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