Handmade in Sussex from food grade stainless steel, these Argentinian inspired parrilla grills use grooved bars drain cooking oils into an easy to empty trough, preventing flare-ups and charring to produce the tastiest and healthiest grilled food.


El Clasico (‘the classic’) will fit perfectly on a brick built barbecue – alternatively – because they have their own frame, they are a complete grilling solution in themselves and you can literally put them on embers from a fire and cook there.

Handmade – each grill takes over 6 hours to make by hand and relies on the skill and expertise of Sussex artisans in its manufacture.Versatility – the beauty is in just how many ways you can use a parrilla. Substitute them for the wire grill on your brick barbecue and it’ll cook for as long as you add charcoal. If you want a hotter and quicker grill then put one directly on top of the charcoal and grill but without flames. For the ultimate gaucho experience why not throw your parrilla on the embers of a fire?

Materials – the grills are made using the finest 3mm food, marine, and surgical grade stainless steel throughout so they will provide exceptional food for many years to come.

Dimensions: 66cm x 40.5cm x 12.5(back)/7cm(front) (W x D x H)




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