The Consort 5 Inset sits flush to the surround for a traditional stove look, fitting conveniently into a builders opening to save having to ‘open up’ the fireplace.

It’s very up-to-date in many ways. The latest technology for its time is combined with an elegant inset shape that fits subtly into any room. If your fireplace is designed for an inset – or if you just prefer the more traditional look – this is the stove for you.

(*This is being supplied with the flue adaptor which allows connection directly to flue liner inside chimney, was an optional extra being given at no extra cost for this stove.)

Note: Main image shows two door version, for sale is single door model as shown in additional picture.



Technical specifications:

Height: 588mm

Width – 539mm

Depth – 370mm (total), 180mm (from wall to front of stove)


  • Cleanburn technology to reduce emissions
  • A hot airwash to keep the glass clean
  • Heat output of 4.5kW (max)
  • 76.9% Efficiency
  • Fits standard 16″ & 22″ fireplaces
  • Supplied with handle to riddle the ash grate (for de-ashing fire with door closed)
  • The option to burn wood or solid fuel

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