The Kindling Cracker™ ORIGINAL (small) Ultimate Bundle



Bundle Includes:-

1 x Original Size Kindling Cracker (small)

Hundreds of thousands have been sold worldwide. The Kindling Cracker has become the new go-to tool for splitting firewood.

  • A safe and effective way to split kindling and firewood without a dangerous axe.
  • This is the original and patented wood-splitter. Crafted in an Australia foundry from high quality cast iron.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

Kindling Cracker Original takes firewood up to 16 cm in diameter. If you have larger wood than that, we recommend the bigger Kindling Cracker King.


1 x Kindling Cracker – Sledge Hammer

Made by renowned German manufacturer Picard and developed specifically for the Kindling Cracker.

Modelled with a forged steel head and hickory shaft, the polished striking faces are powder-coated and the varnished handle offers water and dirt resistance.

This high quality hammer perfectly accompanies the Kindling Cracker.

  • Forged steel head and hickory shaft.
  • Powder-coated head with polished striking faces.
  • Varnished handle for water and dirt-resistance.


1 x Kindling Cracker – Small Cover

Practical and durable protective cover that protects your Kindling Cracker from the elements.

Made from PVC impregnated 600D polyester. Our cover is water resistant and features a meshed ventilation panel and drawstring.

This cover fits the Kindling Cracker Smaller sized version.

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 32cm
Weight: 150g
Made from PVC impregnated 600D polyester

1 x Box of Natural Firelighters (box contains 50 firelighters)

1 x Firelighters Storage Box (metal tin)