At Home
In Your Kitchen

With the HORL® Dock your sharpener is immediately to hand whenever you want to sharpen your knives. The HORL® Dock also keeps the magnetic angle support handy and the knife sharpener becomes a true eyecatcher in your kitchen. It emphasizes both the HORL®2 and HORL®2 Pro designs to their best advantage.




Presented Practically
Always At Hand

The HORL® Dock is so designed that the magnetic angle support is held in place magnetically, while the sharpener is gently parked on a silicone pad. Inclined at 20° the angle exactly matches that of the magnetic angle support for the HORL®2 and HORL®2 Pro, which presents the sharpener very elegantly. Thanks to the anti-slip pad on the underside of the HORL® Dock, it stands firmly on any surface.



Wherever Placed
Elegantly Handy

Thanks to its subtle shape and compact dimensions (10.4 x 6.9 x 2.6 cm) the HORL® Dock fits easily in any kitchen. You can place your sharpener centre stage and premium sharpness for your kitchen knives is only an arm’s length away.

Made In The
Black Forest
We manufacture the HORL® Dock together with our regional partners in the Black Forest. From constructing the metal frame of the HORL® Dock to assembling the silicone pads, all production takes place in our region. This means we can guarantee the highest quality.







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