The HORL®2 sharpener offers maximum versatility to satisfy individual requirements. With interchangeable grinding wheels, a 15° grinding angle for filigree and 20° grinding angle for robust sharpness, it offers more possibilities for sharpening knives. The diamond grinding disc and ceramic honing disc guarantee some impressive results. The newly developed assembly design incorporating ball bearings give it a smooth rolling feel.




Grinding Disc

With the HORL® standard diamond grinding disc, a high-quality sharpening result is quickly possible without the use of water. The industrial diamonds in the disc are suitable for steels of any hardness used for knives and ensure efficient, precise results. In addition, they produce a grinding pattern that is equivalent to the “ex works” grind of a high-quality German kitchen knife. Used properly the HORL® standard diamond grinding disc should not need replacing.

Stainless Steel
Honing Disc

After grinding, with just a few movements the stainless-steel honing disc smooths the cutting edge of the knife by virtue of its integrated grooves. It also eliminates any loose metal particles that remain after the grinding process. The stainless-steel honing disc of the HORL®2 Cruise is not interchangeable.

With Style

Industrial diamonds are considered one of the most durable and efficient abrasives available. The monocrystalline diamonds we use are harder than any knife steel. In an electroplating process around 55 % of the diamonds in the HORL® Diamond Standard are firmly embedded on a nickel plate. Their surface, which is rough to begin, is refined during the first grinding procedure and it retains this condition from then on.

20° Grinding
Angle For Robust Sharpness

The 20° grinding angle provides new sharpness and a robust cutting edge in a short time. This means the knife retains its sharpness for a long time and is suitable for a wide variety of everyday uses in the kitchen. It also gives many outdoor pocket knives a sturdy edge and excellent sharpness for everyday use.

HORL® S-pad For
Versality While Grinding
The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the HORL® silicone S-Pad ensures the blade is securely held by the magnetic angle support. Due to the anti-slip properties of the S-Pad, even narrow blades can be sharpened consistently and reproducibly at the required height.
Set Includes:
HORL® 2 CRUISE Magnetic Angle Support
HORL® Original Box