The Morsø Grill ’17 is an innovative piece of garden furniture which serves both as a fire pit and a barbecue grill. The barbecue consists of a bowl for fuel and two semi-circular cooking surfaces that sit above it, one a grilling grid and the other a frying plate.


The two cooking surfaces can be adjusted to different heights and can be swivelled to sit over or away from the heat, making it possible to cook meat on one at a high temperature whilst heating bread on another.

The two cooking surfaces total 60cm in diameter and you can use charcoal, briquettes or wood for the fire, meaning that the Grill ’17 adapts easily and quickly from a fire pit to a barbecue and back again.

One of the many advantages of cast iron is the surface structure’s many small pores that will absorb the meat’s fat and flavours and thus guarantee the optimal taste experience.

Material: Grill Grate: Enamelled cast iron – Table: Black painted stainless steel

  • Dimensions cm: Ø60 x W:74 x H-table 81 x H-Grill 95 cm
  • Weight 76kg

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