Whether it’s a stock, soup, goulash, mulled wine/cider or just coffee water – with the Stock Pot the preparation of liquid food is no longer a problem.


And so that you can keep the contents of the Stock Pot warm even when it no longer hangs over the grill, it’s also supplied with the Girse Design Table Heater.

Of course, the Stock Pot can also be attached to the chimney with its bracket so that it can be pivoted and adjusted in height and is available in various sizes.


Type 1 = 4 Litres

Type 2 = 6 Litres

Type 3 = 11 Litres

(Type 1 Girse can only take 4 Litre Stock Pot but Types 2 & 3 can take either 6 or 11 Litre Stock Pots)