• Bespoke semi-pro medium-sized garden pizza oven
  • Rustic Mediterranean stone clad dome
  • Ancient fire clay pizza oven with 4 x 12-inch pizza capacity
  • Hand built bespoke pizza ovens
  • Fuego ovens are extremely heavy and delivery/installations require consideration; please contact us for options available, customers who order will be contacted to discuss options and costs for their circumstances


Stone 80: stone-clad and highly capable

Are you an accomplished and adventurous cook who’s been searching for an exclusive artisan stone baked pizza oven? One that’s hand-made in Spain and decorated with stone in the traditional rustic way? An outdoor stone oven that’s just the right size for impressing family and a wide circle of friends with a mouth-watering array of delicious meals – not just pizza? Your search ends with the Fuego Stone 80.

This statuesque garden pizza oven creates a stunning focal point and conjures up fabulous dishes with that unmistakable, highly desirable wood-fired taste. Of all the outdoor pizza ovens for sale, the Fuego Stone 80 is the one that has the right balance of rustic Mediterranean design and ability to cater for everything from impromptu summer pizza gatherings to more formal dinner parties for up to 10 guests.

Clad in rough, rustic random cut stone with a contrasting render, this garden pizza oven looks as good as it cooks.

The outdoor pizza oven that’s every inch you

A Fuego wood fired pizza oven is for life, which is why you have to choose yours very carefully. Before an artisan craftsman, with over ten years’ experience, begins hand-shaping your fire clay pizza oven, you have several decisions to make.

By choosing the Fuego 80, you’ve already decided on our medium sized wood burning oven with a natural stone cladding. You also have the luxury of selecting either a plain door or one with a fire-proof glass window. Then there are the different chimney options, an oven cover and also the various available cooking accessories. Fuego is about enabling you to create a pizza oven that’s 100% personal to you.

Ancient fire clay and artisan craftsmanship

The secret to the Fuego home pizza oven lies in the domed oven itself. Each Fuego outdoor stone oven is shaped entirely by hand by artisan craftsmen using a special fire clay that is peculiar to the Castile region of Spain.

It takes hours to painstakingly and expertly shape the clay pizza oven dome. It is then allowed to dry naturally out of the Spanish sun before being baked continuously for 24 hours at a temperature of 1000°C. It’s this combination of the particular fire clay, time-honoured hand-crafted techniques and heat that give each Fuego wood fired pizza oven its unrivalled refractory qualities.

Finally, the outer dome of the outdoor clay oven is wrapped in 5 layers of insulation and then clad in render and rustic local stone.

All this expertise, effort and use of the very best materials results in the Stone 80 wood burning oven being capable of reaching optimum cooking temperature in half the time of other outdoor pizza ovens for sale. Not only that, it is able to hold its heat, without needing any more wood, for several hours.

Explore the art of cooking

The Stone 80, like every Fuego wood stone pizza oven for sale, isn’t simply used for cooking pizzas in under 2 minutes. You can also master the art of roasting, baking, barbecuing, slow cooking, smoking and pan cooking some incredible recipes with that unique, smoky flavour that a traditional oven finds impossible to replicate. Fans of slow cooking love a wood burning oven too as they retain their heat for many hours.

Your wood oven arrives fully assembled

As the Fuego Stone 80 clay pizza oven is hand-built on a solid 60mm thick base of reinforced concrete, there is no assembly required. We delivery your stone baked pizza oven as a single solid item which has steel hooks set into each corner for ease of installation.

Do you need a stand?

The Stone 80 is a heavy clay pizza oven weighing 800kg and therefore does need to be installed on a suitable solid surface. We recommend one of the following two options.

Either build a stand from brick or block, or if you prefer not to, you can buy a stand that is purpose designed and built by Fuego for the Stone 80 wood fired pizza oven.

Additional information:




The Stone 80 wood-fired oven is set over a steel reinforced concrete base measuring 1100mm wide x 1100mm deep and 70mm thick, with steel eye bolts set over each corner for ease of lifting and positioning.

Height and Weight

The Stone 80 wood-fired oven has an overal height of 810mm and weighs 800kg.


The Stone 80 wood-fired oven has a 700mm diameter internal cooking floor. Unlike other wood fired ovens that use cooking tiles inside the oven, the entire floor inside the Stone 80 oven is flat and can be utilised for cooking.

The Stone 80’s oven dome is made entirely from a single piece of Spanish fire clay, known for its refractory qualities for thousands of years, meaning excellent heat retention. This special fire clay stores heat for longer, ensuring crispy pizza bases and excellent cooking ability for hours on end. Due to the dense and insulating materials used in the Stone 80, the oven can be used in its core form, without the need for extra insulation and building works.


The Stone 80’s oven flue is placed outside the oven cooking chamber with a handle to open or close the flue vent. The diameter of the oven flue is 125mm. This smart design means that when the door is closed, and the flue vent is shut off, the oven will provide maximum heat retention, low wood consumption and especially useful for baking and other cooking techniques in a wood fired oven. Ovens with centralised flue vents in the oven dome result in sub-standard heat retention and higher fuel consumptions. Please note all flues, flue vents, handles and oven doors arrive in a matte black stove paint finish.

Temperature Control

Every oven comes with a precision thermometer dial, which can heat up to 500℃. The oven flue vent, cast iron door vent and thermometer dial will allow you to control and regulate your oven’s cooking temperature.

Required Accessories:

Fuego 80 Pizza Oven Stand

  • Ready to go stand option for Fuego 80 ovens
  • Avoid any building work for a quick installation
  • Black powder coated steel, suitable for outdoors

Fuego 80 Pizza Oven Cover

  • Protect your Fuego 80 wood fired pizza oven from the elements
  • Made from quality outdoor waterproof polyester fabric
  • Finished with sealed seams, eyelets and a draw cord

Fuego Small Flue/Chimney

  • Finishing touch to your Fuego wood fired pizza oven
  • Ensures smoke flows freely upwards
  • Manufactured from highly durable black steel

Fuego Large Flue/Chimney

  • Complete the look of your Fuego wood fired pizza oven
  • Keeps smoke flowing upwards during lighting and cooking
  • Manufactured from black steel for durability

Fuego Pizza Oven Chimney Cap

  • Complete the look of your Fuego wood fired pizza oven
  • Diffuses smoke flowing upwards during lighting and cooking
  • Made from black steel for excellent quality and durability