• Hand-made to order from ancient fire clay
  • Choices of Andaluz Blue, Volcanico Red and Black mosaic or the new Black mosaic with grey grout finish
  • Excellent garden pizza oven for 8 to 10 people
  • Hand built bespoke pizza ovens
  • Fuego ovens are extremely heavy and delivery/installations require consideration; please contact us for options available, customers who order will be contacted to discuss options and costs for their circumstances


Mosaic 70: add a dash more colour

Want to add a flash of colour, style and passion to your alfresco cooking? The Mosaic 70 outdoor pizza oven gives you all the superb cooking qualities of a Fuego wood oven, but with the ability to personalise with one of four versions to choose from Andaluz Blue, Volcanico Red and Black mosaic versions or the new Black mosaic and grey grout finish.

With its small but perfectly formed dome and 600mm cooking base, the Mosaic 70 garden pizza oven can cook two large pizzas to perfection in less than two minutes. Its compact size also makes it easier to fit into even the smallest of urban gardens.

Entertaining will never be the same again if you select Mosaic 70. Its intricate yet rustic mosaic dome will make it the talking point of any small get together with family and friends. And when they taste the slightly smoky, chargrilled flavours of the delicious food it will produce, words will fail them.


The pizza oven just got personal

One of the big things that elevates Fuego from other outdoor pizza ovens for sale today is the ability to personalise it to your tastes – however eclectic they might be. The Mosaic 70 takes it one step further as you not only get to choose to have a glazed terracotta mosaic tile outer dome, you get to select from three stunning colours.

Atlantico is our green mosaic that combines verdant random shaped pieces of Spanish terracotta glazed tiles of all different shades. Want something that evokes images of summery Spanish blue skies? Mediterraneo uses a spectrum of different blue tile fragments to give an effect of pure azul. Alternatively, if you want to reflect the fire and passion of authentic Spanish cooking, specify our Volcanico red mosaic for your outdoor pizza oven.

Fuego bespoke doesn’t end there. You can also opt for either our standard or window oven door, choose from various chimney options, as well as a comprehensive range of cooking accessories.


The fire clay is equally unique

Everything about the Mosaic 70 wood fired oven is not only authentic, it’s unique, right down to the clay used to build the oven dome itself. Artisan Spanish craftsmen with at least ten years’ experience apiece hand-shape each dome using fire clay that is unique to the Castile region of Spain. This fire clay has incredible heat retentive and refractory properties and has been prized for oven building since Roman times.

Once shaped entirely by hand, the wood fired pizza oven domes are left to dry naturally before being fired at 1000℃ for 24 hours. They are then heavily insulated and then decorated with the mosaic of your choice, be it Atlantico, Mediterraneo or Volcanico. So well insulated are they, a Fuego garden pizza oven can maintain its heat for several hours without adding any more wood.


Cooking couldn’t be more fun

The Mosaic 70 turns cooking into an event for your whole family and friends. Sociable, relaxed and exciting, a mosaic outdoor pizza oven actually cooks so many more things than just pizza. You can also bake, roast, barbecue, smoke, pan cook and even slow cook to total perfection.

Additional information:



Required Accessories:

Fuego 70 Pizza Oven Stand

  • No need for any type of building work
  • Install your Fuego 70 oven in minutes
  • Made from 3mm thick steel for durability and security

Fuego 70 Pizza Oven Cover

  • Weatherproof Fuego 70 wood fired pizza oven cover
  • High quality outdoor waterproof polyester fabric
  • Finished with sealed seams, eyelets and a draw cord

Fuego Small Flue/Chimney

  • Finishing touch to your Fuego wood fired pizza oven
  • Ensures smoke flows freely upwards
  • Manufactured from highly durable black steel

Fuego Large Flue/Chimney

  • Complete the look of your Fuego wood fired pizza oven
  • Keeps smoke flowing upwards during lighting and cooking
  • Manufactured from black steel for durability

Fuego Pizza Oven Chimney Cap

  • Complete the look of your Fuego wood fired pizza oven
  • Diffuses smoke flowing upwards during lighting and cooking
  • Made from black steel for excellent quality and durability