• Quick installation with no building work required
  • Perfect when space restrictions apply
  • 3mm thick steel, powder coated with bolting plates for extra security


Our Fuego 90 pizza oven stand is an attractive 3mm thick black powder coated steel table, that is all-weather proof and that is specifically designed to sit your Fuego 90 wood-fired oven.

This ‘ready to go’ pizza table is the ideal solution when you have space restrictions or you want to avoid the hassle of carrying out any building work. All our oven table stands have four bolting steel plates (located on each side of the top frame base) with 8mm bolting wholes to secure the oven to the base for extra security. Buyers of our Fuego 90 wood-fired pizza oven stand consider it to be one of our most essential pizza oven accessories.

This optional accessory allows you to install your Fuego pizza oven in no time, whilst the design and look of this oven table provides a fantastic feature to any patio or garden that will stand out.

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