Beginner To Expert In 12 Recipes

For those that are new to the EGG, the book begins with 12 recipes — a 12-step programme if you like — that take even the most intimidated cook from novice to pro. Including roast chicken, steak, pizza, pork belly and brisket, these are essential recipes all barbecuers should have in their back pocket.


Cooking on the Big Green Egg is a cookbook that captures perfectly the rich potential of an EGG. It contains over 70 original recipes written by fire-cooking expert James Whetlor, as well as advice, tricks and tips — covering everything from how to set up your EGG to mastering different cooking modes.

This highly insightful, beautifully photographed collection, which has a foreward by the great Tom Kerridge, is perfect for beginners to kamado-style cooking or those looking for new recipes to develop their skills.



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