Superior To Stainless Steel Mesh

If you use a traditional metal brush to clean your cooking grids, the metal bristles can easily come loose and stick on the grid. The next time you grill, those stray metal bristles may adhere to food. All-natural palmyra bristles are durable and heat resistant, and ensure that no metal will ever end up in your food.


This may not be a glamorous product, but as far as cleaning goes, it’s probably our favourite. A highly effective way to scrub down your Stainless Steel Grid to remove any cooked-on debris. Simply get your grid nice and hot, and work the surface with this Scrubber Brush. Made out of Palymra — a natural vegetable fibre – these scrubbers are extremely durable, and make light work of stubborn food, marks and residue without leaving metal bristles in your food.

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