Elegant and stylish, a real feature for the garden. Neatly store your logs where they are needed and yet still big enough for entertaining family and friends.

Further complementary accessories may be found in the Outdoor Fire Accessories section.


Elegant and stylish, yet still big enough, this 90cm firepit provides a great design for entertaining family and friends. The Swing Arm BBQ Rack allows for ease of cooking and is fully removable for your lid to be placed over the fire pit at the end of the evening, (lid available to purchase in our Outdoor Fire Accessories section). With the additional bonus of storage shelves to help keep your logs dry and close to hand, this is definitely one of our favourites!

You can also complement your firepit with further complementary cooking accessories which may also be found in the Outdoor Fire Accessories section.

Material: 3 – 5mm Steel

Size: 90cms Diameter x 23cms Depth. Total height including stand 70cms

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

Outdoor Fire Accessories

90cm Flat Table Top Lid

90cm Flat Table Top Lid

Stylish multi-purpose lid for your fire pit. Use as a table when your fire pit is not fired up or as a safe snuffer lid to extinguish your fire when your entertaining ends.


Tripod Cooking Rack (Not for Cassini Collection Firepits)

Traditional Tripod Cooking Rack – Suitable for 60, 70, 80 and 90cm Bowls.

Hanging Arm with Hook

Hanging Arm with Hook can be used to cook joints of meat or add things such a hanging cooking bowl or a hanging skillet pan (purchased separately).

(Please note that the Hanging Arm with Hook in the image with an all white background is the one you will receive.)


Ash Rake

A ‘must have’ accessory!

Perfect for safely moving logs and embers around your fire pit, our Ash Rakes are especially useful whilst cooking to help regulate heat.

Material: 10mm Round Steel

Ash Spade

A useful accessory for shovelling ash/debris around your fire pit.

Our Ash Spade provides a useful accessory for shovelling ash and debris around your fire pit.

Material: Steel

Roasting Oven for Firepits

The 'Roasting Oven for Firepits' can be used to roast a delicious dinner, large joints of meat or to smoke foods on your firepit.