70cm Flat Table Top Lid

Stylish multi-purpose lid for your fire pit. Use as a table when your fire pit is not fired up or as a safe snuffer lid to extinguish your fire when your entertaining ends.



Our Flat Table Top Lids  are not just limited to keeping your fire pit dry from the elements!

At the end of the evening, the lid can be used as a snuffer to enable you to safely and easily extinguish your fire. It also prevents the wind from blowing away any leftover embers around your garden or patio area and keeps any remaining ash dry for use for your next fire.

With an additional 5cm all round width, our lids also double up as a useful table area when your fire pit is not in use.

Please note: Our Flat Table Top Lids are 10cm larger than the actual size of the fire pit you purchase. The 5cm all round overhang allows for rainwater to drip to the ground rather than into your fire pit. For purchasing, for an 80cm fire pit you will require an 80cm lid, a 70cm fire pit requires a 70cm lid and so on.

Our lids are manufactured from mild steel and will oxidise/weather – this is perfectly normal and does not impact on the long term use or durability. With the lid being particularly exposed to the elements, it is likely that it will start to oxidise/weather before your fire pit.

Material: 1.5mm Mild Steel

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