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'We understand the importance of burning dry wood - these log drying stores would be an asset to anyone using a wood burning stove or open fire'.

Handmade in Hampshire to Kingsworthy Foundry's specifications and built to last using heavy gauge tannalised timber. All stores benefit from a generous overhang and raised base to help prevent rain from dripping down or splashing up!

Wood is about 65% water content when it is first cut down which reduces to about 25% after air drying (i.e splitting, stacking and left to dry naturally).

Using dry logs means that the combustion heat is used to heat the room rather than dry the log first (creating steam which is no good for your stove liner and will blacken your stove glass). Wood just lying where it fell does not ‘air dry’ but starts to rot which does not reduce the water content and hence does not make for good logs. Purchasing a good quality log store will help ensure the natural drying process continues once your logs are delivered. The store should ideally be in a light airy position where wind can aerate the logs further. Our log stores are specifically designed to keep the majority of rain out – the base is off the ground to avoid rain splashing up, the top protrudes over the front which helps eliminate rain water dripping onto the logs. The sides of the store are purposely left with gaps to maximise the amount of air around the logs. We have a good range of log stores on show and in stock with 8 different designs available starting with the DIY store at £129. Prices for the three main premium stores are below:

The Winchester

3ft Wide x 6ft High x 25.25” Deep £275

The Abbas 

 6ft Wide x 46” High x 25.25” Deep £275

The Easton  

6ft Wide x 6ft High x 25.25” Deep £375

Please note – All sizes are approximate. The shelf in the Easton log store is not included, we had this made as an extra to display our stoves. to give you an idea of the strength of these stores – the Easton is shown holding just over half a ton of stoves! 

Local delivery and erection on a suitable base available for £25.