Simple and quick to light, loads of accessories available, cook for hours - The OzPig offers a new aspect to dining al fresco!

There’s something very special about camp cooking and feeling like a real “outdoor chef”, but your Ozpig cooking doesn’t have to be just for camping. Why not fire it up at home and keep the indoor kitchen clean and tidy? With just a few very handy cooking utensils, you can be up and running in no time. When you do decide to pack up and hit the road, your Ozpig packs easily away and takes up very little room.

You’ll soon see that cooking with the Ozpig is really only limited by your imagination. Camp oven cooking is simple on your Ozpig whether it be a deliciously simple stew or a wholesome full roast dinner with vegetables galore. By cooking up the latest catch of the day on the grill plates, and serving straight to the dinner plate, there is no end of ways to feed a hungry clan. The design of the unit has been refined over the years, and we have added a specialist range of Ozpig Accessories to perfect your cooking in the following ways:

Wok Cooking
Deep Frying
Rotisserie / Spit roasting
Whatever your style, and wherever you are, you’ll never go hungry!

The versatile Ozpig cooker/heater was designed and developed by a husband and wife who have always loved camping and the spirit of adventure. It remains a family owned, Australian Company based in Queensland, Australia. The OzPig and full range of accessories are on show and in stock today; along with a range of restaurant grade lump wood charcoal, olive, orange and white oak cooking wood chunks, smoking chips and anything else you might need ready to take away! From £295.