Iron Dog Wood Burning Stoves

Built to last a lifetime, always looking after you

An Iron Dog woodburner is a home’s best friend.

Hand-crafted in Bavaria by a family team, every Iron Dog log burning stove is built to last a lifetime. Literally. Because every Iron Dog stove is supplied with a 100 year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.

Iron Dogs may be rugged and built to industrial standards, but they are items of beauty as well. Providing a balance between imposing force and impressive design, an Iron Dog stove is a loyal and trusty best friend with a very warm heart.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, Iron Dog stoves provide hugely efficient heating, as well as being an unusual talking point for your home. The full cast iron construction provides large heat absorbing surfaces, a steady source of warmth for your home. Built in air deflectors also ensure that heat is efficiently channelled into your room.

Iron Dog stoves are also hugely practical – most models come with a stove top, allowing you to boil a kettle or pot using the heat generated. In this way nothing is wasted.

We think of Iron Dog as our Marmite stoves – there is nothing else quite like them.  You will either fall in love with them or they are simply not for you.  They can never be called bland.  They can look superb anywhere, even a chic London apartment.

Iron Dog are fiercely proud of their stoves, and with that 100 year guarantee, they have every reason to be.

To learn more about the Iron Dog range, come and visit our showroom in Kingsworthy where one of our experienced team will be able to take you through the options.