Whether you are looking for a poker, coal tongs, a hearth brush, a shovel or even a chestnut roaster, we have a wide selection to choose from.

Well-designed tools make every job easier and that includes fire irons.  Even a humble poker can be well balanced and easy to use and a good hearth brush makes keeping the hearth neat and tidy that much easier.

Chestnut roasters are great fun on a winter evening, no more scooping out any charred remains. With a long handled roaster they not only cook the chestnuts perfectly but prevent you having to get too near the heat. As with our companion sets, styles and costs vary.

We stock budget ranges up to hand forged items, in styles that range from the traditional to the most contemporary. So if you only need an individual fire iron or need to replace one of a set, we have a very wide range on show.