Leenders Stoves & Accessories

As one of only a hand full of selected concessions in the UK, Kingsworthy Foundry are proud to offer this premier brand through our showrooms here in the heart of Hampshire.

Leenders has been around for more than 25 years in Holland. The founder Bart Leenders has carved a reputation for innovation, outstanding design and perfection. His ideal was written in fire: to make user-friendly stoves with almost 100% combustion. All their models follow this ideal.

“A woodfire in the outdoors, that’s what I enjoy. In the woods, in the hills or on the bank of a river. I often realise that making fire is my job, and this makes me really happy. Together with my colleagues I try to present the fire as purely as possible. And you can see that in our fireplaces; clear shapes with fire at the centre, built in Oirschot since 1971”.

If you have never seen or experienced a fire from this brand, make an appointment and let us show you why their fires are like no other.