Girse Outdoor Fireplace & Grill

The ultimate in German engineering

With three different sizes/colours available, a wheeled base and numerous additions such as a rotisserie, wok and smoker you’re sure to find everything you need in this top end outdoor fire.

Hand built in Germany using only the highest grade components including stainless steel and vermiculite insulation panels the ‘Grise’ outdoor fireplace and grill will last a lifetime and ensure maximum visual impact as a feature on the patio or elsewhere in the garden.

The stainless steel construction allows you to leave your fire place outdoor all year round, even at winter time with no fear of rust or damage occurring, infact, the Girse really comes into it’s own in the middle of winter when you can enjoy the crisp outdoor air by the side of a roaring fire!

We currently have the mid sized Girse in silver on show in our outdoor fire showroom. For more info on options and prices, please click the ‘view brochure’ tab below.

From £2450