British Made Fire Pits

British made heavy quality fire pits from £185

Starting from £185 for a 60cm pit going up to what ever you want to spend! These British made fire pits are not the usual garden centre fodder! Hand-made by skilled craftsmen and built to last –  the robust nature and quality of these fire pits and fire bowls is unrivalled. Cooking on the fire pit is made easy with a range of especially designed tools and accessories such as BBQ racks that cover just under half of the bowl enabling the fire to be regulated easily, as well as providing a large cooking area. The stunning tripod with chain and rack creates a wonderful centrepiece and the newly designed pizza ovens can be used for roasting and baked potatoes as well as delicious fresh homemade pizzas.

The majority of the fire pits and fire bowls are made from 3mm thick steel although some of the larger bowls are available in 5mm steel. The bowls are not treated in any way as a coating of heat resistant paint would still burn off and deteriorate over a period of time.

They leave the us having been rubbed over with oil and will eventually oxidize – becoming a deep autumn color, however the steel is so thick this has no impact on the fire pits long term durability. The fire pits and bowls can be rubbed with a wire brush and then oiled over to bring them back to a ‘like new’ finish, however it is fine to simply leave them outside and let nature take it’s course!

Don’t forget to stock up on restaurant quality lumpwood charcoal along with beautifully scented olive wood chunks to give even the most seasoned professional chefs a run for their money!

Available from stock now!