Di Lusso Wood Burning Stoves

The stove that fits

Like all our stoves, Di Lusso wood burners look great, are superbly built, employ air wash technology that keeps the glass clean and are designed to ensure emissions are reduced to an absolute minimum.

What makes Di Lusso stoves different is their ability to fit into a standard British fireplace opening with minimal disruption or building work needed.  So if you like your fireplace but want the convenience, safety and efficiency of a wood burner, then a Di Lusso is the answer.

Of course, a Di Lusso stove can also be fitted into a new surround to give a room a completely new look.

Innovative design means good looks, efficiency and low emissions

To Di Lusso designers, good looks and environmental performance are equally important.  Simple, clean and elegant lines typify the Di Lusso style while the CleanBurn technology employed ensures that all models are able to be approved under the requirements of the Clean Air Act (DEFRA).

Heat output is controlled by a patented system that simply requires a light touch to adjust the air flow.

All Di Lusso stoves are inset and there are models designed to sit on the hearth as well as models suitable for wall mounting.

Di Lusso stoves have to be seen to be properly appreciated – drop into our Kingsworthy showroom for a demonstration.