DeliVita Wood Fired Oven

Professional quality portable and simply the best!

We thought we’d seen it all then this rocked up – made in the UK, first impressions were that it looked good but perhaps a tad on the small side, then Joe (the owner of the brand) asked if he could pop out and give us a demo.. Free lunch we thought?! Why not!!

A few days later a pick up truck rolled into our car park and sitting on the back was the DeliVita oven still hot from the previous demo (over an hour away!) Slightly surprised and somewhat shocked that an oven like this could be so portable (let alone with hot embers still glowing inside) Joe lifted it out and placed it on the stainless steel table. Although optional, it does look the part but this incredible oven will happily sit on a wooden table top in the garden, tailgate of a pick up truck or in the sand on the beach!

After chucking on a few sticks of kindling and getting a decent fire underway with surprisingly little wood, it was time to roll out the dough – DeliVita are unique in the fact that you are able to purchase restaurant quality dough in convenient packs direct from them, ¬†great if you simply don’t have the time to make dough yourself or a handy back up in the freezer for an impromptu gathering etc.

Keen to show off the oven and the dough at the same time, Joe simply splashed a little olive oil on the base, sprinkled on some onion and rosemary and threw it straight on to the base of the oven… 90 seconds later we were eating delicious fresh light and crispy pizza base! Then came the show stopper, a little mozzarella, some salami and onion treated to the same 90 seconds and another delicious creation was being devoured by the staff!

We love working with independent businesses where passion and quality go hand in hand and meeting Joe was the icing on the cake. Joe is very keen to ensure the DeliVita is not referred to as a ‘Pizza Oven’ as it is so much more than this, lamb shanks, thick juicy wood fired steak, sea bass, lasagne, infact anything you can cook in your conventional oven just got a LOT tastier; nothing tastes as good as food cooked with a real wood fire. As for our initial concerns over the size of the oven, we were reminded that his previous demo (to a pub chain) saw his little oven bang out 40 various dishes and pizza in an hour! Coupled with the fact that his particular oven has cooked in the region of 15,000 pizzas it is obvious that the quality components used are worth every penny. This thing will do what an oven 4 times the size and 4 times the cost will do in a quarter of the time! Just 25 minutes to get from zero to 400 degrees – incredible.

We are so impressed with this product that we immediately invested in the brand and are pleased to be able to demo our DeliVita outside our showrooms most days! If you are interested in purchasing one, give us a call in advance, bring along some toppings and have a go yourself – You won’t be disappointed!