Chesneys state of the art collection of Barbecue/Outdoor Heaters is the perfect way to acclimatise to outdoor living this spring.


The range, comprising four models, offers both cooking and heating solutions for the spring, summer and the autumn months. With HEAT, you not only get an ultimate barbecuing experience but once the cooking is finished, the party will continue long into the evening with arguably the best outdoor heating product on the market today.

Celebrity Chef James Martin fell in love with the concept of being able to cook and socialise around the fire afterwards “I love cooking on the HEAT barbecue. It provides a unique degree of temperature control, ease of use and variety of cooking modes that provides almost limitless opportunities for cooking different recipes. It’s very fast to light and emits very little smoke. Given the choice, I wouldn’t cook on any other barbecue.”

Multiple cooking modes include grilling, chargrilling, smoking, roasting, baking and braising, low and slow cooking and pizza baking. After cooking it will self-clean once in heating mode.

It’s a healthier way to stay warm.
Unlike a fire pit, it uses clean burn technology to burn logs which reduces harmful particulate emissions at a time when there is increasing concern over air pollution.

It’s environmentally friendly.
Burning wood is a carbon neutral compared with gas patio heaters which emit significant volumes of CO2 and contribute to climate change.

It’s an efficient, effective way to heat.
Radiant heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, which means the burn rate and heat output can be governed by means of a simple control system.

It’s a beautiful way to heat.
Every model in the HEAT collection has a large glass window that provides a generous view of the fire within.

It’s a clean way to heat.
Chesneys award-winning wood stove technology means that there is no smoke emitted and no need for clothes, hair and eyes to suffer from the bonfire effect.