AXES (By Helko Werk)

The Finest Forestry Tools Available

Sourcing only the finest Hickory from the USA (known for it’s stiffness and shock absorbency), coupled with a specific process to gain the best quality steel for the head, A Helko Werk Axe is truly a stunning and perfectly engineered tool. Struck with the Helko logo you can be assured our axes are the real thing!

Helko Werk started in Cronenberg, Germany by a member of the Helsper family in 1844. For many years, it was referred to as the ‘Helsper Werkzeugfabrik’, or Helsper Tool Factory. They quickly earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality hatchets, axes and forestry tools, and by the early 20th Century were exporting to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

In the early thirties, Mr Kotthaus joined the enterprise and the company eventually became known as Helko (Helsper / Kotthaus). Since then, the company has continued to improve the quality of its products, and Helko hatchets and axes are recognised worldwide as some of the finest forestry tools available.

Helko axes and hatchets are crafted to meet stringent German DIN manufacturing standards (DIN 7287, 7294, 7295, 5131, and 5132). In accordance with DIN directions, the hardness of Helko edges is between 47-56 HRC (Rockwell) up to 30 millimeters from the cutting edge, while the eye is generally left unhardened to prevent cracks in the steel.[3] During the manufacturing process, the axe heads are hardened and cooled down in an oil bath prior to being heated to around 400° Celsius. This relieves strain on the surface of the steel after hardening, and provides the correct level of hardness. Unlike many axes which are cooled in a water bath, Helko tools are cooled in lukewarm oil to avoid small chinks in the material. Afterwards, the tools are sandblasted to remove oil residue from the surface prior to grinding and painting.

 You can feel the quality when handling a Helko Axe and properly looked after, it will look after you for years to come.