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With an instantly recognisable design and one of the only manufacturers in the country to offer different colour options, coupled with their patented single air control, the popularity of Charnwood stoves continues to grow. Their unique capability to somehow compliment any setting without dominating the space ensures a huge following from those living in a character home through to the most contemporary of spaces.

One of the joys of stove ownership is being able to see the flames flickering in the hearth. Charnwood wood burning stoves have been specially crafted to ensure that you always get a clean view of the fire inside, helping to create a cosy ambience that your family will love.

Every one of the Charnwood stoves is designed to balance your heating needs with environmental friendliness and contemporary design. Wood, coal and smokeless fuel options allow you to choose the right stove for your needs, and a wide range of models ensures that there is a unit to suit your room.

The Charnwood range covers every potential heating need. From small, floor-standing units that provide a cosy glow for your living room, to a full boiler stove capable of powering your entire central heating system, Charnwood has a stove for you.

Charnwood wood burning stoves also include a unique ‘airwash’ system that ensures fuel burns cleanly to provide a clear view of the flame, and to reduce CO2 emissions for maximum environmental friendliness.

Charnwood stoves – the result of more than 40 years of family experience

Since 1972 the Wells family has been designing and building wood stoves, making them one of the oldest British manufacturer. A team of more than 150 engineers work in the Newport factory on the Isle of Wight to handcraft the Charnwood range, ensuring that every unit meets the exacting demands of their customers.
Charnwood wood burning stoves are now shipped all over the world to exacting customers who need a stylish unit built to traditional standards.

Charnwood stoves at Kingsworthy

Kingsworthy Foundry is one of only a few select showrooms in the country able to call themselves a ‘Premier Dealer’. We always have at least one Charnwood Stove under fire, and have the entire range available to view in various different colours etc. As a Premier Dealer, we are also one of the first showrooms to showcase any new Charnwood products and our staff’s knowledge on the brand is second to none!

To learn more about the Charnwood range of stoves, or to view the range – drop into the Kingsworthy showrooms.